“Enjoyed meeting you at the White Rock Local Market Saturday. I love my bird feeder and already getting birds. It is so beautiful almost hated putting it outside.”
Grapevine, TX.

“This will be my third Dave’s Feeder. I have one that is over two years old and still looks nice and works great. Can’t wait to see my new one.”
Dallas, TX.

“Received my bird feeder that you built me yesterday. I just wanted to thank you for the amazing product. It was a present for a family member and they were extremely please with it. The attention to detail and overall craftsmanship is top notch and I will be doing business with you again. Thank you again for also keeping in contact with me throughout the whole process.”
Milford, N.J.

“Just a quick note of thanks for the wonderful feeder. My Mom and Dad are going to be so surprised. Your work is top notch.”
Denton, TX.

“Dave’s Feeders has awesome customer service. Completely refurbished and fixed my old feeder that fell out of a tree. It is beautiful and there was no charge”.
Midlothian, TX.

“My Japanese Wall Hanging is beautiful. The quality is amazing”
Waco, TX.

“Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy our feeders. We bought these about two years ago at The White Rock Local Market and they still are beautiful.”
Austin, TX.

“We have 3 feeders hanging from the same tree and we are having to fill our UNT feeder up at least once a day!! The birds go crazy over it!!! Thanks so much for selling us this amazing bird feeder!! We love it almost as much as the birds do!!! Lol”
Dallas, TX.

“I met you at the White Rock Lake Holiday Market and purchased one of your beautiful feeders. Within a couple of days my feeder was full of birds. I love your quality and workmanship. Look forward to getting my second feeder soon.”
Tyler, TX.

“Hi Dave,
My mom and dad love their new feeder, and I thank you so much!
She told me about how easy the maintenance is, since there isn’t any! Loves the screen bottom, as do I. Your design is perfect, and we all love the clean lines with beautiful materials.
Thank you for fulfilling my order, and taking such pains to make sure that my family and I received exactly what we ordered, in perfect shape, and well before our agreed upon deadline. Your professionalism is very much appreciated!
Happy new year!”
Austin, TX.

“Just wanted to let you know my Husband loved his feeder. What a wonderful Christmas gift.”
Dallas, TX.

“These California birds just love’s Dave’s Feeders. Eating me out of house and home. Fill it up ever other day.”
Garden Grove, CA.

“My beautiful feeder arrived today. Oh my gosh, it is fabulous! The workmanship is top-notch, and it was packed with tender loving care, I can tell. It arrived in pristine condition. I really appreciate it!”
Dripping Springs, TX

“I really enjoyed meeting you at the Garland Market, your feeders are truely a work of art.
Garland, TX. August 2013

“Love the feeder I got from you at the Downtown Garland Market”
Garland, TX. August 2013

“Perfect gift for my Mother’s birthday, she loves it. Your quality is great. Thanks for shipping”
Denver, CO. July 2013

“Just had to say thank you (again) for the beautiful bird feeder I bought from you last year. Every morning I look out and have wonderful birds. It’s still a beautiful. You do great work, see you soon at the White Rock Local Market.”
Lake Highlands, TX. June 2013

“Finally got to see your work in person. Very impressive. We love our feeder, see you soon at your next market.”
Arlington, TX. April 2013

“Great meeting you at the White Rock Local Market and thanks for shipping my order. Just love my feeder and your bird feed is great, the birds love it. Going to make another trip to Dallas soon and see you again at the White Rock Local Market”
Oklahoma City, OK. March 2013

“Hi Dave, they arrived in perfect condition. I love them. As you can see it’s snowing here and the birds love them. Thanks again”
Hammonton, NJ March 2013

“Got my feeder and I love it. It is beautiful.. Going to hang it this weekend.”
Duncanville, TX March 2013

“Great meeting you at the White Rock Local Market. Your craftsmanship is amazing, will be back at your next market.”
Highland Park, TX. March 2013

“Love the commissioned piece you did for me, it is very special”
University Park, TX. January 2013

“I love my pink flamingo feeder. I’ve got it in a tree right outside my kitchen window. Thx!”
Rowlett, TX. January 2013

“Just had to send you an email. My Mother loves her new Dave’s Feeder, so much nicer than the other ones she has. Hope you will be at the next Southwest Airlines Holiday Bazaar”
Denver, CO. December 2012

“Nice seeing you again at the White Rock Local Holiday Market. Wanted to let you know I love my smoking tray, it works so well. Telling all my friends.”
University Park, TX. December 2012

“So nice meeting you at the White Rock Local Market, I just love my new feeder.”
Dallas, TX. October 2012

“Your craftsmanship and quality is amazing. My Mother loves her feeder.”
Tyler, TX. October 2012

“My Daughter loves her Japanese Wall Hanging, Mother / Daughter. It is a very special gift. See you again in December.”
McKinney, TX. October 2012

“Love my feeder, just had to send an email and thank you.”
Cleveland, OH. September 2012

“Your feeder was made so well, not 1, not 2, but 3 adolescent raccoons climbed on it at once and it did not break!!!”
Mass City, MI. August 2012

“I know I have said this before, but your style has evolved in your own personal signature and statement..(I knew I had started to gain some notoriety when people recognized me by my style..and that’s what you want!)..and I love this one.!! .I always thought that the darker wood looked so rich..and with the contrast symbol….just gorgeous..”
Hartsdale, NY. August 2012

“Love my bird feeder, thanks Dave!”
Rowlett, TX. June 2012 White Rock Local Market

“Your feeder will make a perfect Father’s Day gift. It’s new home will be in Nebraska”
Mesquite, TX. June 2012 White Rock Local Market

“It was nice meeting you this morning! Your work is even more impressive in person! Kudos Dave!”
Lake Highlands, TX. June 2012 White Rock Local Market

“Just purchased a feeder from you at The Green Spot Farmer’s Market this Saturday. Love it! Beautiful feeder. Thanks!”
Dallas, TX. June 2012 White Rock Local Market

“My parents love their new feeder, so happy I found your website”
Waco, TX. May 2012

“Dave – thanks so much for the beautiful wall hanging. Jan sent me a poignant e-mail and note. I appreciate so much your hand delivering it to her. I hope to see you at the June White Rock Market – and may have a couple more orders to make”.
Dallas, TX. May 2012 White Rock Local Market

“Your work is so beautiful. I love my new feeder”
Highland Park, TX. April 2012 White Rock Local Market

“My feeder is so pretty I don’t want to put it outside, going to tell all my friends about Dave’s Feeders”
Dallas, TX. April 2012 White Rock Local Market

“Enjoyed meeting you at the White Rock Market and look forward getting to my new custom Japanese wall hanging”
Rowlett, TX. April 2012 White Rock Local Market

“I love my new feeder can’t wait to get this filled and with my other ones, your quality is first class”
Dallas, TX. March 2012 Bishop Arts District

“The feeder is a gift for my Mom she loves her birds and does not have anything near as nice as the feeder I got from you. See you next month at the White Rock Local Market”.
Dallas, TX. March 2012 Bishop Arts District

“Just had to say thank you (again) for the beautiful bird feeder I bought from you last summer. Every morning, every season, it’s a new scene. It’s a beautiful piece of art that makes me (and the birds) very happy. I knew when I got it I would love it, but I didn’t know how watching it every day would make me smile. You do great work, my friend.”
Arlington, TX. February 2012

“We have the feeders out on the floor and they look great! Thank you for the excellent quality!”
Calypso, South Padre Island, TX. February 2012
Come see the “Island Beach Collection” exclusively at Calypso

“I really enjoyed meeting you at the Urban Market Saturday. I love your Japanese Artwork. I will get with you soon on my new wall hanging. Your stuff is amazing.”
Mesquite, TX. February 2012

“Perfect Christmas gift for my Mother, she is going to love it. Your quality is great.”
Fort Worth, TX. December 2011

“The Woodstock Feeder was a great hit at the Christmas Party. Everyone wanted it and wow what a great looking feeder.”
Garden Grove, CA. December 2011

“I enjoyed meeting you at the Holly Jolly Craft Fair. The feeder I got is really nice. Your quality is first class and I love the bird feed, already have birds.”
Mansfield, TX. December 2011

“You had the very best products and booth at the Summit Craft Fair by far. Your stuff is great!”
Mansfield, TX. November 2011

“I just wanted to email you about the feeder I got at the Summit Craft Fair. I love it, it is so pretty and the quality is amazing. I will tell all my friends about Dave’s Feeders.”
Arlington, TX. November 2011

“My Mom loves her new feeder, great quality and your special feed attracts a large variety of birds. So nice to have met you at the ETSY show.”
Benbrook, TX. November 2011

“Love my feeder that I got at the ETSY Cowtown Indie Bazaar. It looks great in my yard, I love it”
Fort Worth, TX. October 2011

“All of your stuff is first class, great meeting you at the show”
Fort Worth, TX. October 2011

“Enjoyed the ETSY show, I think your Feeders were some of the best art at the show. The wood is so beautiful. The bird feed you make is excellent, already have birds. Had to email, see you at the next show, let me know where it is.”
Fort Worth, TX. October 2011

“Your stuff was in a class WAY beyond the rest. I’m glad you did the show (’cause I got to see you plus got an awesome Dave’s Feeder!).”
Arlington, TX. October 2011

“Love my feeder, already have birds. Telling all my friends about Dave’s Feeders”
Arlington, TX. September 2011

“Just got my feeder and it is more than I expected. First class craftsmanship”
Austin, TX. September 2011

“Your craftsmanship is first class.”
Hazel, KY. July 2011

“Dave, I just got the wall’s beautiful, the lettering is outstanding!..I just hung it next to my bed.(Dare to Dream).. well done fellow artist..(:”
Cartersville, GA June 2011

“I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you regarding my birdfeeder. It is working out perfectly! You have outsmarted my squirrels! I have had no further problems with their destructive ways. They still visit my flat feeder but I haven’t seen them trying to eat from your feeder. I followed your advice and put out another feeder with black sunflower seeds which I am having to refill frequently, but I think the squirrels view it as a bonus instead of a substitute.
Thank you so very, very much for meticulously retrofitting my feeder; you did a beautiful job –it is even better than new! It is providing us many enjoyable moments, watching the variety of birds it attracts. And the birds love it too! I wish you the best of luck with your business. This type of quality and service is very hard to find today.”

Grand Prairie, TX. June 2011

“I think your feeders are awesome!!! Dave, my Mother LOVES her feeder, The Beach!!!. She has it right outside her patio window. It looks really good!!!”
Rogers, AR June 2011

“Dave, my Brother loves his 4″ inch Cedar feeder. It’s exactly what he wanted. He can’t wait to get his Finch Feeder and some more of your great bird feed. Already seeing more birds in the yard from the feed.”
Benbrook, TX. May 2011

“Dave, I Love It!!”
Midlothian, TX. May 2011

“I absolutely LOVE my new bird feeder, I do believe I bought the prettiest one. They all looked GREAT!! Thanks Dave”
Arlington, TX. May 2011

“My mother loved her feeder!! Thank you so much 😉 my father returns from travel tomorrow so it will be hung for the family to see on Easter.”
San Antonio, TX. April 2011

“My Mom just loved the feeder. Already has a spot for it and even got a few birds to eat your Wild Bird Feed. She is going to tell all her friends.”
Abilene, TX. April 2011

“Thank you so much, I have never seen such beautiful workmanship. You can tell you take great pride in what you do.”
Nashville, TN. March 2011

“My new feeder has really attracted a wide variety of birds. They seem very happy. I see what you mean about having to shake the feeder a bit. As long as they are happy I am happy cause the birds and squirrels put on a great show. Thanks for the feeder. I absolutely love it.”
Nashville, TN. February 2011

“DAVE!!!! It’s AWESOME!!!!! Dave I truly love it! It was packaged so carefully that I was so slow in unwrapping it like it was Christmas!!! I love it. You do wonderful work there! Thank you so much and what a great way to have a part of you guys in Chicago with me!”
Chicago, IL. January 2011.

“I got your package this weekend! Thank you so much! I’ve never had a bird in my yard other than the brown birds or cow birds, whatever they are called, and the occasional morning dove, but I now have cardinals, a male and female, pretty excited! Again, thanks so much!!”
Rowlett, TX. January 2011

“Hey Dave! I love the bird feeder! It’s awesome, I will let you know when I get some birds! Have a great weekend.”
Rowlett, TX. January 2011

“Good Morning Dave. The birds are happily eating the wonderful mix from the beautiful feeder outside my kitchen window. Lovely finches mostly now. Love it! I have it hanging close to my kitchen window and enjoying it very much. The doves are a little too wild to come up that close yet.”
Mansfield, TX. January 2011

“Dave, the birds are beginning to come to the feeder in less than a week. Thanks again.”
Midlothian, TX. January 2011

“Yes, she loved it!!!:) Thank you so much, what a wonderful gift it made.”
Mansfield, TX. December 2010

“Hey Dave, my box just arrived. WOW I love the feeder. Very well made. I will definitely be getting more and telling others about you. Thank you so very much!. Very well packed. I am just so excited. Thanks for the extra pics to so I can show around. I have some friends that are very into feeding the birds, I will definitely share the pics with them. Thanx again.”
Nashville, TN. December 2010

“Thanks for the personalized feeder, Dave!~ It is beautiful! I will be ordering another soon. Think about a maroon roof with a white aTm on it ~~ “
Mansfield, TX. December 2010